Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success

This is the true story of two Akron, Ohio entrepreneurs who introduced a tasty treat that transformed into a major enterprise. Each page reveals the smart strategies an aspirational business person needs to build a business from scratch. Explore insights on how to adapt, overcome obstacles, achieve sustainable growth—and what it takes to achieve a multi-million dollar exit.

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When you’re looking for entrepreneurial guidance, dig into the Muffin Man Chronicles.

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—Walt Bettinger President & Chief Executive Officer, The Charles Schwab Corporation
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Courage and Commitment … no entrepreneur fulfills their dream without a healthy dose of both. And Steve Marks demonstrates both in his insightful and engaging tale of the twists and turns that inevitably face anyone building a business from scratch. Budding entrepreneurs and those interested in the real small business world will benefit from his easy reading first person account of three decades of challenges and success.
—Mark SmuckerPresident and Chief Executive Officer, The J. M. Smucker Company
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From start-up to multiple exits, this book uniquely reveals the trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur building a business. A valuable read for anyone in business or contemplating the journey.
—Virginia C. DrososChief Executive Officer, Signet Jewelers
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This honest, firsthand struggle details the unique perspective of an entrepreneur facing real problems as they unfold. Genuinely insightful and comical with many treasured nuggets of business advice.
—Kenneth PotrockPresident, Disneyland Resort
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An incredible insight into the life of an entrepreneur, with thoughtful perspective on the commitment, adaptability, and passion required for success. A great gut check for any aspiring business person with a big idea to help answer the critical questions . . . “Am I right for this life and is it right for me?”
—Richard KramerChairman, President and CEO, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
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The success of an entrepreneur’s business often depends on how it responds to the unexpected. Steve Marks faced it all, from a difficult meeting with his first business partner, through losing and winning customers, to saving his company through stormy times. His book generously shares the lessons he learned from the best teacher: experience.
—Alex SchneiderCo-Founder, Clover Capital Partners and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Kellogg School of Management
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Entrepreneurs are modern-day superheroes, and this is an original story worth reading. Steve's story is a tale of ambition, opportunism, dealing with adversity, good fortune, and hard work that aspiring entrepreneurs will enjoy reading. This book blends the unique journey of two entrepreneurs with universal lessons and insights that all small business founders and owners can identify with. This isn’t a Wall Street success story, it’s a Main Street success story— in more ways than one.
—Gary SpringProfessor and Director of the Small Entrepreneur Economic Development (SEED) Legal Clinic, University of Akron School of Law
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An honest book that sets forth, in an insightful and engaging fashion, a journey that encompasses the risks, hurdles and joys of entrepreneurism within a hometown ecosystem. The reader can learn much of practical value from this narrative. It should serve as an exemplary book in a business/entrepreneurial curriculum, whether at a high school, college or graduate level.